Other Services

Over the years, TSC has grown it's service offering and has expanded into everyday business requirements. Being based in Guangzhou, China, with a network of service providers through Vietnam, the Philippines, Indonesia and India, TSC can offer additional services, including marketing, graphic design and discounted airfreight. For our full range of capabilities, click here.
A new department within TSC, social media and online marketing is now essential for any business. We recently acquired a small marketing firm with years of experience and a great portfolio. Handling projects of all sizes including social media management, brand guides, 12-month marketing strategies and content plans. Get in contact for more information through our international network.

Marketing & Social Media

Our Graphic Design team specializes in brand design, modernizing not only your product but your brand as well. Should you require it, we provide brand consultation, giving you an entirely different perspective on your branding and the direction you could be going. Graphic Design service also includes nail-biting tasks like photoshop touch-ups, product presentation layups and e-commerce photography (ghost mannequin & flat lays).

Graphic Design


Let us quote your next shipment to your place!
As we are always consistently sending shipments around the world, we have the ability to quote with "live" rates with our network of international couriers.