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Development, Manufacturing, Shipping

We are product manufacturing specialists, providing sourcing solutions for businesses of all sizes that are unfamiliar with the manufacturing process or practices. As a leading sourcing agent, we bridge the gap between Manufacturer and Distributor to ensure top quality products are delivered to your doorstep.

Sourcing &
Product Development

Our team will guide you through the entire development process. From logo design to product conceptualization, we at The Sourcing Co. specialize in PP (Pre-production) Sample proofing, ensuring that manufacturing and QA (Quality Assurance) are of the highest standards.

Supply Chain & Manufacturing

Our portfolio of manufacturers have all been vetted and visited by us personally. This saves you the hassle of travelling to various places in order to find the best manufacturers and service providers. Not to mention the language barriers! Whether you order once a year or once a month our team are able to adapt to capacity and work with you. Our team on the ground can achieve great results.

Shipping Logistics

Our logistics team commits to helping you navigate customs clearances, ensuring that you receive any shipments in the shortest possible timeline. We are able to assist with full CIF, air cargo and airfreight. That’s the trademark of The Sourcing Co.



Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
POS & Display
Dry Foods - Chips, Biscuits, Lollies
Sporting Uniforms (All Sports)
Sporting & Recreational Equipment
Textiles & Tailoring
Promotional & Giftware
Food & Beverage Packaging
Hospitality Products
Building & Construction
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The Sourcing Co is an offical distribution agent of HygiMed Australia. HygiMed is compliant to TGA standards in Australia ensuring that every product is made with the highest quality material and ingredients. View the HygiMed range below for more product information.

Contact us for any international distribution enquiries.


The Sourcing Co.

Our team has collectively established a network of manufacturers in China that have been proven and tested for quality assurance, efficiency and consistency. 


We bridge the gap between Manufacturer and Distributor and save you the headache of manufacturer selection, product sampling, negotiation, product testing, shipping and customs clearance.

We service all size businesses; SME's to large corporations and our team can cater to exactly what your business is missing. From product development and sourcing to fully supply chain. 


At The Sourcing Company, we deliver a top quality product to your doorstep in a satisfactory timeline. 


Our Process

We've seen businesses lose time & money unnecessarily when trying to source products & services without professional assistance. At TSC, we remove this risk entirely. This is our value-add.

The Trade Fair

Ever tried going to the Canton Fair? It can be overwhelming, even for industry experts. Product sourcing has always been tough and costly for businesses requiring less than 5 to 10,000 units. The Sourcing Co. has opened our doors, facilitating sourcing needs for businesses of all sizes. We remove the difficulties of manufacturer selection, product sampling, price negotiation, product testing, shipping, customs clearance, and deliver exactly what you need, straight to your doorstep. Our strict QA standards ensures you receive products fit for the international consumer. 



Dropshipping & Fulfilment
TSC Media & Marketing

A new department within TSC, Social media and online marketing is now an essential with any business and we recently acquired a small marketing firm with years of experience and a great portfolio. Handling projects of all sizes from social media management to brand guides to 12 month marketing and content plans. Im sure we will be able to help. Get in contact for more information!

Virtual Assistant

Make your team leaner and more seamless by outsourcing your business operations for data entry, live chat, IT services (SEO, SEM, Website development), image processing, content writing and multimedia through The Sourcing Co. The virtual assistant is great for any business today as technology vastly improves work efficiency. Companies are outsourcing more services to save on labour and operating costs. If you haven’t done so already, why not try it?

Cross Border E- Commerce

Thinking of penetrating the Chinese market? Well why not? The Chinese market has tremendous demand for imported products. We provide Cross Border E-commerce solutions to get your product into the Chinese consumers' hands. Our CBEC service includes business registration, website development, licenses, shipping/ fulfilment etc. Talk to us, and we'll help. 

Graphic Design

Our Graphic Design team specializes in brand design, modernizing not only your product but your brand as well. Should you require it, we provide brand consultation, giving you an entirely different perspective on your branding and the direction you could be going. GD service also includes nail-biting tasks like photoshop touch-ups, product presentation layups and e-commerce photography (Ghost mannequin & Flat lays). 

Dropshipping & Fulfilment

A new service provided by TSC due to the high interest from our clients. We have a partnering company we use to ship our clients goods direct from our warehouse in Shenzhen. We have worked closely to develop a integrated software that can easily plug in with most e-commerce stores. We are also to manage this manually and ensure your product is packed, checked and ready for delivery to the client.

Everett Chue,

Director, Pacific Industries.

We have been using Brendan and his team for nearly 4 years now for all our China based materials and other products. I decided to give TSC a go once i realised how much easier it was for one company to handle the designing, procurement and shipping. It meant less project management from our internal staff as the TSC team were assisting with design creative, new concepts which added value to our entire supply chain. TSC started with developing our POS and merchandise but now handle all our buying from our preforms/ packaging, to our machinery and vehicles. Its been smooth process so far.


Wishing you and the team a Merry Christmas!

Gregory Constantine,

Director, Air Company.

It was important for us to find a supplier who could get us some products while understanding our concept. After meeting with Brendan & Rachel I decided to work on a special project with them and have been working with them for the past 12 months. One of the main benefits I have found with TSC is having them on the ground to meet deadlines with factories and also their high level of communication. 


Looking forward to the work that lies ahead!

Jake Kelder,

Director, YP Threads.

The Sourcing Company has given my business (YP Threads) the ability to get a competitive advantage in Australia, allowing us to produce custom garments without any MOQ limitations. Furthermore, Brendan was instrumental in setting up favourable payments terms which increased our cash flow. I would use TSC again and I continue to recommend them to friends.


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