Our Projects

No matter the size of your business, if you're requiring product to sell or looking to promote your brand, TSC can definitely assist. Check out some of the projects that we've have worked on for our clients!
This was an exciting project for us, Bopple and described there was an opportunity to add another revenue stream to business as there was demand from their clients for a POS presence.
A large FMCG client in PNG which started working with TSC only 4 years ago had been importing its pre-forms from Germany as they had previously had many issues with there inconsistent production from China.
Hands Free Sanitiser Stand
In April 2020 when Covid started to spread rapidly through out the world, many brands had to pivot there business to accomodate.

Pepsi Workwear
TSC assisted in updating Pepsi Co's branding by designing new work wear uniforms that met all the global branding. safety requirements, aesthetically pleasing and function to spec.
Potato Chips & Biscuits
A lengthy but succesful project for TSC. To produce a low cost tube chip product in a range of flavours with attractive packaging suitable for the demographic in Papua New Guinea.
Potato Chips
Being able to create this custom high quality cooler bag the suited the Swire demographic was really rewarding for our Product development team at TSC.
A recent client was undergoing a expansion of their warehouse and required pallet shelving to utilise all the space.
We were able to help start up Rugby ecommerce brand TR7's Store to produce their short run of merchandise. Being a small start up, the high qtys were an issue for them.
Our property development client engaged our services to facilitate factory audits on numerous furniture and cutout suppliers to narrow down the options.