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No matter the size of your business, if you're requiring product to sell or looking to promote your brand, TSC can definitely assist. Check out some of the projects that we've have worked on for our clients!
Hands Free Sanitiser Stand
In April 2020 when Covid-19 started to spread rapidly through out the world, many brands had to pivot there business to accomodate. Alcohol companies started to make sanitiser, clothing companies started making masks and PPE started to become the most requested item over the coming 12 months. A client we have worked very close and one of our oldest clients had changed their focus to from corporate uniforms to selling medical grade PPE and consumables. Through what was a lengthy process in endless sampling, certification and TGA approvals, we were able to get their in the end with a quality sellable product.
One of the products that was customised was a sanitiser stand with foot pump, adjustable bottle holder with A4 snap A-frame. It's was important it was durable, heavy duty and easy to use.

  1. Design and development - 2 weeks
  2. Sampling 3 versions (prototype, QC sample and PP Sample) 3 versions - 4-5 weeks
  3. Production - 3-4 weeks.
  4. QC - 3 days
  5. Shipping - 4-5 weeks
Bus size:

Pepsi Workwear

TSC assisted in updating Pepsi Co's branding by designing new work wear uniforms that met all the global branding. safety requirements, aesthetically attractive and functional to spec.

Customer Brief :
  • Custom Pantone colour matching
  • Durable for service and factory
  • Light weight with breathable panels
  • Reinforced stitching
  • Meets safety requirements across 3 countries - Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea.
  • Fire retardant
  1. Design and Concept Development - 3 weeks
  2. Fabric Mill and lab dib testing - 2 weeks
  3. Proto-Sample - 1 Week
  4. Customer Review and Internal Testing - 3 weeks
  5. Amendments and Re Sample - 2 weeks
  6. Customer Review - 2 weeks
  7. PP Sample - 1 Week
  8. PP Sample confirmation - 1 Week
  9. Production - 6-7 Weeks
  10. QC and lab testing - 1 week
  11. Shipping - 4 Weeks
Bus size:
Pepsi Co.

Potato Chips
A lengthy but succesful project for TSC. To produce a low cost tube chip product in a range of flavours with attractive packaging suitable for the demographic in Papua New Guinea. Price was a big factor in the whole success of this project working. Before coming to TSC, our client tried to import an existing product themselves. It was the cheapest on the market but faulty was inconsistent. TSC played an intricate part in the process with most time spent in the testing and QC stages. Dealing with food required certain food certificates to export and meet the nutritional standards but keeping it price point low.

  1. Client meeting
  2. Factory Testing (13 factories) - 9 weeks
  3. Proto Samples 1 - 3 weeks
  4. Amendment to Proto Sample 1 - 1 Week
  5. Customer Review and Internal Testing - 3 weeks
  6. Amendment to Proto Sample 2 - 4 Days
  7. Packaging Samples and Proof - 2 Weeks
  8. Amendment to Proto Sample 4 - 4 Days
  9. PP Sample - 1 Week
  10. Production Sample - 2 Weeks
  11. Production - 6 Weeks
  12. QC and lab testing - 2 Weeks.
  13. Shipping - 3 weeks.

Bus size:

Pacific Industries

Sports Merch
We were able to help start up Rugby ecommerce brand TR7's Store to produce their short run of merchandise. Being a small start up, the high qtys were an issue for them. We were able to work with out existing supplier who we have done large volumes with and due to our ongoing orders we were able to negotiate a small 100pcs order. As TR7's Store's main market is South East Asia, TSC assisted and manages the warehousing and fulfilment of their product ensuring stock is re-ordered when needed and packaging is consistent.

  1. Client meeting - ongoing 2 weeks
  2. Product discussion and development - 3 days
  3. Budget and Timeline planning - 2 days
  4. Proto Samples - 3 weeks
  5. Photography in house - 1 week.
  6. Production - 4 weeks
  7. QC - 3 Days
  8. Shipping and warehousing - 3 Days
Bus size:
Start Up

Swire Cooler Bag
Brief :
Being able to create this custom high quality cooler bag the suited the Swire demographic was really rewarding for our Product development team at TSC. The project started from feedback given by direct clients of Swire which led to product concepts and then prototypes. With 3 rounds of samples we came to a final product which is shown above. Once production was completed, TSC assisted with the distribution direct to offices all over the world.

Swire Shipping provides several high frequency liner shipping services in the Asia Pacific markets, and specialises in providing a wide range of specialist customer solutions for project, heavy lift, refrigerated, breakbulk and mini bulk cargoes.

  1. Client meeting - 2 days
  2. Product conceptualisation and development - 2 weeks
  3. Factory QC samples - 2 weeks
  4. Proto Samples v1 - 3 weeks
  5. Proto Samples v2 - 2 weeks
  6. Proto Samples v3- 2 weeks
  7. Production - 4 weeks
  8. QC -2 Days
  9. Shipping and warehousing - 3 Days
  10. Distribution - LCL/ Air Cargo / Container Consolidation - 3 week

Bus Size :
Swire Shipping

Made :
Hotel Fit-out
Brief :
Our property development client engaged our services to facilitate factory audits on numerous furniture and cutout suppliers to narrow down the options. Once we provided all the most suitable options, our client flew to Guangzhou with their team to to design and conceptualise the look. TSC provided a team member as support through the whole process and took over the production management, QC checks, packing, storage and distribution. Our client was not able to receive all goods at one time so we had to stagger the delivery to ensure it arrived according to schedule.

Process :
  1. Client meeting (x3 sessions) - 4 weeks
  2. Factory and Supplier audits - 6 weeks
  3. Client Trip - 4 days
  4. Interior mockup and layout concepts - 4 weeks
  5. Order confirmation - 3 weeks
  6. Productions - 6 weeks
  7. QC - 2 weeks
  8. Packing and Warehousing - 3 weeks
  9. Distribution/ Shipping - 2 week

Bus Size :
Large Corp

Made :
Bottle Preforms
Brief :
A large FMCG client in PNG which started working with TSC only 4 years ago had been importing its pre-forms from Germany as they had previously had many issues with there inconsistent production from China. Purchasing a consistent volume of 1 million pcs at a time there pricing had gradually increased yearly due to the cost of raw materials. Once our TSC team were engaged into working on this project we were able to test and QC several factories in China to come up with the right quality, specification and price which was well below what they had been paying inclusive of the rising raw material costs. This project took us nearly 8 months to from initial meetings to delivery of first container.

Process :
  1. Client meeting (Face to Face and Skype x 5) - 4 weeks
  2. Factory and Supplier audits - 4 weeks
  3. First Round Sampling and Client testing - 2 weeks
  4. Second Round Sampling and Client testing - 2 weeks
  5. Third Round Sampling and Client testing - 3 weeks
  6. Fourth Round Sampling and Client testing - 2 weeks
  7. Customer qty order forecast - 2 weeks
  8. Order confirmation and PO - 4 days
  9. Productions - 6 weeks
  10. QC - 1 week
  11. Shipping - 4 weeks

Duration : 30 weeks and 4 days

Bus Size :
Large Corp

Made :
Pallet Shelving
Brief :
A recent client was undergoing a expansion of their warehouse and required pallet shelving to utilise all the space. Our client did explore all available options for the supply of the pallet racking and our pricing and quality of our supplier became a big reason our client went with TSC. The increase of steel costs had a real impact on their budget. This job took longer then usual with the full process taking around 5 months from discussion to delivery. The main factors for this was the numerous testing we did which included Hardness, tensile, mechanical, coating and salt erosion tests. The final order consisted of 3 x FCL's.

Process :
    1. Client meeting (Face to Face and Skype x 3) -2 weeks
    2. Factory/ Supplier and product audits - 3 weeks
    3. Sampling and Testing of Steel - 2 weeks
    4. Salt Erosion Test - 4 weeks
    5. Manufacturing - 4 weeks
    6. Product Lab Testing and certificate application - 1 weeks
    7. QC - 1 week
    8. Shipping - 4 weeks

Duration : 21 weeks

Bus Size :
Large Corp

Made :
Table Puks

Bopple — the world's fastest growing and powerful ordering and payments platform for hospitality.
This was an exciting project for us, Bopple and described there was a opportunity to add another revenue stream to business as there was demand from their clients for a POS presence. During the initial discovery meetings Bopple mentioned they did have an idea of a very attractive custom designed table puk that were cost effective and had a quick turnaround. They had this project on hold for a long and it never came to fruition before as there team didn't have enough capacity to product develop and find a reliable supplier. When they looked to manufacture in Australia at suppliers they could trust, the costs where far too high and not viable. This really impacted the whole project and was put on the back burner for a long time until the found TSC.

Brief :
  • Low qty orders
  • Quick turnaround
  • Easy ordering process (TSC custom workflow system)
  • Drop shipping and packing service

Process :
    1. Material Sourcing and Swatches collected - 2 weeks
    2. Customer review - 1 week
    3. First sample made - 1 week
    4. Customer review - 1 week
    5. Second Round of Samples - 2 weeks
    6. Customer Review - 1 week
    7. Final Round of Samples - 1 week (Approval by TSC team)
    8. First production round - 1 week

Duration : 10 weeks

Bus Size :
SME Tech

Made :
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